Brooklyn Pain Doctors

About Brooklyn Pain Doctors

Multi-Specialty Center in Midwood, Brooklyn, NY

About Brooklyn Pain Doctors

Brooklyn Pain Doctors is a multi-specialty practice treating patients of all ages from their office in the Sheepshead Bay neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. Since 2002, the practice has treated patients with a combination of traditional and alternative medicine. Founded and led by Vladimir Alhov, MD, the highly experienced team specializes in pain management, neurology, podiatry, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.

The practice follows the gold standard of treatment, ensuring outstanding results for every patient. The staff and medical team participate in continuing education and assessments to provide cutting-edge therapies. The team also integrates Western and Eastern medicine practices. Among the staff at Brooklyn Pain Doctors are blind massage therapists, who can offer more focused massage therapy because of their enhanced ability to detect discomfort with their hands that a seeing individual may not.

Patients visit the practice for physical therapy, wound care, and relief from various sources of pain, including neck, back, joint, knee, foot, and shoulder pain. For patient convenience, the practice is wheelchair accessible and is open late on Tuesdays.

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